How To: Manage Packing

The core of any business is order fulfillment. It starts when the customer places an order and ends when the order arrives on their doorstep. In between, a number of steps are executed including packing. Packing requires speed and accuracy to complete and ship orders. Packing is simply the process through which items in an order are grouped together and shipped to the customer as a unit. It can be defined as the process of wrapping or binding the product in a manner appropriate for transporting, handling or storing. The process of packing depends on the nature of the product. The purpose of packing is to provide protection against damage, leakage, pilferage, etc. Packet is managed by creating Delivery Challan in Ginesys HO.

These articles show how to manage the documentation for packing through Delivery Against Order, Delivery Against Reservation, Delivery Adhoc and Delivery Challan FAQ .