Release Notes 11.131.0 - 1.131.0


Release Date

05 October 2017 

HO Version11.131.0
POS Version1.131.0
Web Database Compatibility Version1.9
Features & Enhancements03
Bug Fixes00

Features & Enhancements


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Idea Tracker


GIN-I-1366 New Memo Level Buy-Get promo based on RSP/MRP limits has been introduced


Ginesys Web - Retail Management - Promotions - Definition

Enhancement Summary:

We already introduced a benefit type with "X value of Items from Get Pool" in our previous versions which allowed the user to define an assortment with benefit value for each Item. In POS Bill, if the buy condition used to get satisfied, the user was prompted to select the free items satisfying the benefit value limit specified in 'Benefit Configuration' while defining menu level promo.

Based on the success of this type of promotion, we received various requests for improvising this method and allowing to define MRP/RSP limits in the 'Benefit Configuration' and not just Benefit Value. We have now allowed the same and so the user can now define RSP/MRP limits and accordingly, the system will validate the limit at POS bill.

Using this feature, you can apply this kind of promo - On purchase of Rs. 4499.00, the customer will get an additional item worth Rs. 999.00 RSP from the store.




GIN-I-1369 Separate GST Document No. series will now be maintained while returning from store


POS - Back Office - Transactions - Goods Return

Enhancement Summary:

Whenever any goods were returned from the store, the system always generated the same GST Document Number series irrespective of GST being charged or not depending on the location of the destination site. For example, when goods were transferred locally, A01G1718-0000001 was generated and then, when goods were transferred outside the state, then A01G1718-0000002 was generated.

We got few suggestions that transfer to local (non-GST) or transfer to inter-state (with GST) should have different numbering series as this will help to segregate local and inter-state transfers. Understanding the genuine need of the requirement, we have now segregated the numbering series as follows:

  • For transfers without GST charges: A new series will be started. Example: A01T1718-0000001
  • For transfers WITH GST charges: Existing series will continue. Example: A01G1718-0000103

Note: For Goods return from outright stores, we shall not be generating different series and the numbering series of GRT with GST charges will be generated at all cases.


GIN-I-1396 Essae Weighing Scale (DS-515) Integrated successfully with Ginesys POS


POS - All Modes

Enhancement Summary:

In FMCG segment, there are two modes for weighing the products and populating in POS.

  1. Printing barcode from weighing scale machine & scanning barcode in POS module.
  2. Weighing scale directly attached to the POS and quantity picked up from machine.

Weight now can be directly read from Essae Weighing Scale (DS-515) Machine in 'Edit Qty' window. On clicking on Weighing Scale button, the weight in the machine will be read and populated in the quantity field.

How to integrate and use the Essae weighing scale (DS-515) at Ginesys POS